Products - 100% real wood

Solid wood is the symbol of nature, resistance, warmth and tradition. Our passion for wood comes from our wish to respect nature and the way it interacts with man.

The main products of company are solid wood flooring with or without tongue and groove and S4S elements for lamellas in various dimensions. These products are made from the best Slavonian oak (Quercus robur), ash (Fraxinus angustifolia), steamed beech (Fagus sylvatica), walnut (Junglas regia), and thermo treated ash and oak.

Lam parquet


10x50x250, 10x60x250/300

10x70/75x350-500, 14x70/75x350-500

Lam parquet

S4S - Surfaced four sides


10,3/14,5x75x420-620, 14,5x95x520-1220




S4S - Surfaced four sides

Parquet with tongue and groove


14x50/56x250-520, 14x70x350-500

14x90x500-1200, 14x120x500-1400


22x50/56x250-520, 22x65/70x350-600



Parquet with tongue and groove

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